If you are unsure what to give, a gift card can be a great choice. Thanks! Outstanding solos will be Inverness, by Susanne Scianni, Primavera, by Ludovico Enaudi, and Sonatina by Kalau. Then, there is a short pause before the next movement begins. I like to create that atmosphere too Diana glad you can use it! This variety gives older students the opportunity to remember what it was like to be a beginner, and younger students the chance to see what their hard work will enable them to accomplish in the future! Bringing attention to the variety of students in your piano studio has a second purpose as well. Theres a lot riding on their commitment to lessons, and recognizing how much they had to do with this milestone for their student is important. Ha! I like the idea of introducing the student and the piece while they get ready. Your email address will not be published. Economists, architects, and yoga instructors are all trying to help us get it. The audience enjoys laughing a little here and there wakes them up a bit. Recitals can have a friendly audience when they show their skills to friends and family. I wrote out exactly what I wanted to say and when, and he did such a great job. I think it is important to have SOME kind of interaction with the audience, as least a program or some introductory words (or both, if you like). "The event has become a tradition in the Joplin area, and . Joy is a frequent attendee and presenter at conferences and workshops, and enjoys connecting with fellow piano teachers through her blog and beyond. Thanks for sharing Maggie! Is there another group coming in and everyone has to be out by 6pm? I like the idea of breaking the tension with applause before the Recital begins. Sometimes the pianist or school may sell the music to support the performer or music program. After all, the members of the audience mostly parents and grandparents are there to hear the kids play, not to hear you give an long, eloquent speech. =) Just keep it short and sweet, something like this: Hello everyone! Everything You Should Know About a Piano Recital. So each pupil has chosen a film, and learned a new piece in half a term. I have delivered about a million pre-recital and post- recital speeches, but will be drawing from these suggestions this year. Theyre reasonably priced. I just approach a couple of local businesses and ask if they would like to provide a giveaway for my event, and this adds even more excitement to my recitals! The final wardrobe choice is up to you! Use this opportunity to highlight all of the accomplishments that have occurred in your studio over the course of the year. I also give a very small gift (dollar store or pound store value) to those that perform and they dont get it until they come up for their certificate of accomplishment. Here are three things I always include this is just to get your own expectation train rolling! As part of the audience, you want to know how to dress properly for the occasion and when to clap. I hardly have to look at those faces that I love and hardly have to think about how proud of them I am before I start to cry; despite all the times I practice my welcome speech in the shower. sight reading Christmas songs, trying out a new instrument, Cindy spilling her water bottle, etc.). To see the full recital, go to https://greenwichrma.org, cursor to "Speakers" and click on "Speaker Videos.". Thank you much! CDs with a singer. Piano students usually invite friends and family to be a part of the audience. I would say the more formal the recital (ie for degree, diploma, etc) i would skip commentary. Im always amazed at the number of parents lining up with their cameras! You especially dont want the phone you hear to be yours. 45 minutes is okay too attention spans these days arent like they used to be. I would talk about my reason for doing the performance, the reason I chose the pieces, and definitely talk about your love for music and your excitement to have your audience members present that day. Some of the points below may feel redundant. #pianoteachermom, Love this little one and all her smiles & giggles, New on the blog: Embracing Life as Parent & Piano, Been hearing rumors about this for awhile, and now, ColorInMyPiano.com just turned 14 woot! We're all pulling for each other. "Flow" seems to be the word of the month right now. If the recital was a competition, the winner may be announced. Your email address will not be published. Now we will have a time for photos and refreshments.. I feel so fortunate to teach such a special group of students. When I did in the past, the parents thought it was too long. my Amazon wishlist. Ive been told frequently that parents really enjoy the extra info. The parents have voted this format is the best, and proves to be very affirming to both the student and his/her family. This can be a slightly intimidating thing as a young teacher. We always have cake and socialization afterward, with parents participating in bringing food, helping with set-up and clean-up, etc. +1 to both above. It is up to you if you want to play first or last there are good reasons for both ways. Allowing audience members to put a personality behind the studio their child or friend attends every week is important! 28One of the area's largest piano recitals has reached a milestone. It could be their confidence, posture, musicality anything that stands out to you as being exceptional. 4. If you want to really impress your studio parents, remind them of how proud you are of their children for simply having the courage to get up on stage and perform music for an audience. Oops!! I took a short break from teaching, instead I made two I have a dear former teacher who always knows exactly what to say at a recital. (i.e. The Ultimate Resources for Teaching Piano, Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Here Is The Teen Piano Music That Will Rock Your Next Recital, A Foot-Tappin St. Patricks Day Improv Activity For Your Piano Students, How To Increase Your Studio Population Without Increasing Your Teaching Time, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDAEYw-wXco&list=PLQugnKCF3WINetfIgNQcjBhW0MNjfl1P9&index=1, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_THCBf4_D5Y&list=PLQugnKCF3WINetfIgNQcjBhW0MNjfl1P9&index=2. Thank you very much for sharing! In todays post, were sharing the six components of a pitch-perfect recital welcome speech, followed by an actual welcome speech transcript that you can adapt for your own recital. I keep my intro very very short and sweet. Ooooh that sounds wonderful! The more you can show when you have a captive audience the better! Parents, family, and friends -thank you for spending your evening with us. At a piano recital, you can be a fan of someone special to you. And, even if they do remember what has happened over the course of the year, listing off an array of activities in rapid fire will be impressive and make you look awesome! Alright, without further ado, well get started with the recital, beginning withstudents name playingstudents piece. [start the applause]. I have been playing piano since I was 9 years old, and I am now 55. Thank you! Your email address will not be published. Im putting on my first ever recital for my students in 2 days!! My piano recitals are unique. A quick thank you for showing up, acknowleding students, and last minute instructions are all thats needed. Let us know in the comments is there anything we missed? If that's a lowkey piano recital, think of button-down and khaki pants as the failproof. Everyone always thinks its funny and now I cant leave that part out. Now I do! Then will we continue the order as shown in your program. If you want to say something about the piece you are playing so the audience understands/appreciates it more, I wouldnt hesitate to do that too. I have medical issues now and was thinking this would be a good way to help w/ my financial crisis since I am unable to work much at all, as well as a music ministry for GOD. A blog dedicated to excellence in piano teaching. It lets the parents in your audience see what their children can become and reminds them of where their children used to be. There are hours of practice, hard work, mistakes, and hurdles that are overcome between assigning a piece and playing it in front of an audience. Thanks so much! I think it is wonderful when teachers perform a piece at the beginning or end of the recital, so I would definitely encourage you to do that. Thanks for the post. Each student is playing one piece from the book. There are some great ideas here! I hope this was helpful to someone! We all know recital etiquette as teachers but the audience may not! if more laid back and routine performance ok to speak on, but i would only do so if you offer something really juice or if the pieces or composer is not well know or you have a personal anecdote or connection to the work. Ha!) Use your piano recital welcome speech to remind them of how appreciative you are of their decision to make music a part of their childrens lives; recognize their commitment to music. "We've been experiencing setbacks and curveballs in the past few weeks, which is normal in life. They each stay on stage, then we take a final photo. Before we begin, Id like to remind you of just a couple things:1. May the Lord bless you Joy! The star shared some photos from her date night with . Likewise, music teachers feel a lot of stress leading up to recitals as well! I am fortunate to have quite a few musician parents in my studio, so its been fun to include them as the guest artist. Best wishes to you with your first studio recital!! Ive been teaching flute & piano for 31 years and in the beginning I was mortified to speak to the audience. He also set the stage for our modern piano recitals. You are more than welcome to take any or all of it to help you craft your own! And students, you did a wonderful job tonight. A piano recital is a time for music students to show off what they learn in their lessons. One thing that I do that I have found effective is to have all my students stand at the beginning (they are seated in the front of the auditorium in performance order), I have them stand and turn around to face the audience and ask for thunderous applause for all their hard work throughout the year emphasizing that they are already successful because they are here and they deserve congratulations before they play. Who doesnt like to feel appreciated? I also have a group photo at the end of the recital. I held a recital last Thank you so much!! There will be a box of trivia questions about each of the 34 movie themes. Sometimes I think they just remember the overall tone & impression the most. I like this idea, but I have always done a group photo before the recital (have them arrive 15 minutes early) because Im afraid that the younger children will be too tired by the end that the picture wont come out nicely. By the time Id been with her for 12+ years my family found it hard not to giggle Happy to provide you with some fresh ideas! I rarely have problems with my students. Recital is already tomorrow, oh Lord help me! I have two chairs in the front row with a reserved for parent recording sign if you would like to use one while your child is performing. Check out the Simply Piano app to better understand what it takes to learn piano. Then I ask the students to give a round of applause to that person who says, Dont forget to practice. Dont forget to practice your new song. Dont forget to practice slowly. etc. Try to stay positive and encouraging in the days and moments leading up to the recital. Ive got my Spring Recital coming up this Saturday. I dont think your audience will think you are showing off. They will just think you want to share some of your favorite music! Your outfit should not distract from your music! The most important one is nervousness and its impact on the mind, especially for the young. Wonderful ideas from all of you! This year, I have delegated a student who is accomplished at oral interpretation to start the show with the story of The Pop Waltz Prophecy. That will be the theme of the show, with narratives all the way through. 2- it also helps the audience to connect on some level with each student so its not just another student performing. They were a hit! Happy to be on your staff . When and how to clap at beginner student recitals is not an issue. Thanks so much for posting!! On the program, you can see how many pieces and movements are part of the performance. Andside note. But be sure to keep this studio specific, rather than student centered. Students will be coming up one after another to perform, so if youre recording this, make sure you keep an eye out for when your student is playing. Students also participated in our local music festival and performed in their school talent shows. When Wendy and I were talking about what to say to begin and end a piano recital, she brought up a wonderful point from marketer Donald Miller: you are not the hero, your customer is the hero. I then answer and ask the president not to call during my recital. Regards, BruceD. Below is a list of key elements for what to say to begin and end a piano recital. It is so well written that I dont think I can add anything more to it. Each and every child here today has shown incredible growth and progress and they should feel very proud of what they have achieved. October 18, 2022 Peter. Ive always liked to open with something so people have a chance to settle into the occasion (quiet their smaller children, stop shuffling programs etc.) They are really enthusiastic and we have a fantastic range of Pieces. Ive 26 students playing, and I think Ill stick to my format described in an older post. This helps in two ways: 1- it gives time for the student to comfortably get to their instrument and get settled without hearing the crickets outside. I am playing Somewhere over the Rainbow by Harold Arlen. Usually, the performer has strict guidelines on what to wear or not wear. I truly appreciate ALL your ideas, inputs and will be using some of them. At the end of the spring recital, I call up each student in program order and tell the audience about them and their musical achievements for the year, give them their guild pin and certificates, then a personal gift, often humorous. Example: Tim loves to play soccer, climb trees, and of course, play piano. Include whether people are invited to linger for awhile, or whether people need to leave for another group]Example: We have refreshments in the back, and youre all welcome to eat and hang out for awhile. Happy to hear it Andrea (and great name by the way ) Yes, a post-recital speech is also a great way to recognize individuals, hand out awards etc. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); Copyright 2023 Teach Music Today Learning Solutions, All Rights Reserved. What makes an interesting piano recital program? I appreciate what youve written and also this comment. I cant thank you enough for your wonderful and generous help. This is to cover their trophy, which gives them a little momento of every recital. Designed to motivate your teens to participate happily in your recitals, these pieces are crowd-pleasers that will get noticed! Step 5: Uploading the Videos to a YouTube Playlist. Wish me luck. So my conclusion to the recital takes a little longer. I always feel awkward talking at my recitals and never seem to know what to say. Thank you! I play mostly at church and funerals. We piano teachers wear many hats and they arent always ones we like to wear! Beginning students may have short pieces that are only two or three minutes long. God bless. Not only do I teach Liz and Abby, but their older sister Jenny is a former student of mine who is now a piano major at BYU! She always knows how to make everyone feel good At the end she always has some closing remarks, and most often she says something that I absolutely love. Haha! If the recital starts at 2:00 p.m., I have students arrive by 1:45 p.m. and use those 15 minutes for group photos. But, asthis may not be the reality in yourstudio, its a good idea to set the record straight in terms. Youre so welcome Linda! I was wondering what you would suggest because I am just nervous that it will come across as showing off, so this helps thanks! Hi, Andrea! Thank you so much for all these very helpful ideas. Liszts recitals also deviated from the normal concert. Or, wait until you hear several people start to clap and clap along. Perhaps even more impressive is that every student has composed at least 4 original pieces of their own! 1) It takes the eyes off the student and does away with the hearing a pin drop while I walk up to the stage moment, which can be terrifying to a child and 2) It engages the audience and helps them to feel like they know the student better, therefore making hearing the student play more interesting because they feel like they know them more than just a random person playing. However, I have a desire to do piano concerts. I agree, they need their team photo and glory moment. As they adjust the bench, try out the pedals, etc., I give a couple of fun and interesting tidbits about the student, and announce their piece/pieces. I have a short welcome introduction but something I started doing a long time ago has stuck and the audience really seems to enjoy it. Keep pressing on! vitamin water recall 2021,
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